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Perfect Power - Sophisticated German Engineering

Perfect Power SMT8 Piggy-Back Engine Management System  



Perfect Power is a sophisticated brand of German engineered ECU's (Engine Control Units), integrated into your vehicle's engine management system.

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It puts any vehicle's horsepower capacity at the power of your fingertips. Perfect Power is not just another engine management system; it's a well designed performance computer chip working effortlessly with your vehicle's engine management system, in the end producing a mind-blowing experience no matter who you are.




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Perfect Power Engine Management Systems

Perfect Power 4 Wheel Drive Dyno

With the Perfect Power ECU the power is in your hands. Choose from a range of products, from Stand Alone ECU's, Piggy-Back Management Systems, Ethanol Fuel Controllers, Fuel Tuners and our Peripheral Product Range. Whether you want a fully stand alone computer chip, or prefer the plug-and-play option, our team can assist in finding the chip that is suitable for your vehicle.


The Perfect Power range is compatible with most electronic fuel injected engines, drag cars, circuit cars, rally cars, street cars, snowmobiles, quad bikes and boats(watercraft).


Perfect Power also owns its own dyno tuning and installation centre for the local market - our 2 and 4 wheel drive dyno can accommodate most cars, specializing in the installation of the Perfect Power product range.


Browse our product range to see which system is suitable for your vehicle, or contact us for assistance in finding the best suitable engine management chip to change your vehicle driving experience.





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