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SMT8-C | Perfect Power


Perfect Power Piggy-Back Unit.


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Introducing the SMT8-C


The SMT8_C is the sister version of the SMT8, but optimized for double CAM control. The unit has one crank and four CAM circuits and is the same size as the SMT8. Due to the limited space some AFR functionality of the SMT8 was replaced with CAM control. The unit can be applied to 4, 6 and 8 cylinder cars. This is a double VANOS control unit to tune two exhaust and two inlet CAM's independently.

SMT8-C Piggy-Back Engine Management System


The unit can modify the supplied CAM signals. One large 384 sites map for each pair of CAM's. The CAM timing can be linked to the crank timing for easy adjustment. Tuning is easy;  just enter the amount of crank degrees by which you like to shift the CAM timing.


The unit finds its use in V6 or V8 engines like BMW, Nissan with dual overhead CAM's. The unit is  required in racing applications and when superchargers or turbo's are installed.