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Support for your SMT8-FT Unit.


The purpose or aim of the SMT8-FT is to provide a fuel-controlling unit with a  "Plug-and-Play" facility. The SMT8-FT is slightly more expensive than traditional piggy-back products, but it requires no engineering, no cutting of wires and installs in minutes. In other words, it is GUARANTEED to work!


The SMT8-FT applies to the environmentally conscious installer, who would like to reduce fuel consumption or maximize the best possible fuel consumption in various situations. The SMT8-FT also applies to the performance enthusiast, who would like to run his/her engine at the most powerful fuel ratio possible. Equally, the SMT8-FT applies to the aftermarket turbo and supercharger installations, which require more fuel under full boost.


In any event, the SMT8-FT simply connects to the fuel-injected engine's injector connectors, and this completes the minimum or basic installation for modifying fuel.


The SMT8-FT has many of the standard SMT8 capabilities, as demanded by our customers. It can also be used for Ethanol (E85).


All SMT8-FT products can be tuned with the LetRipp II Windows Tuning Software.