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Support for your TF10 Unit.


The Turbo Fueller 10, known as the TF10, is the ideal companion to an aftermarket  turbo or supercharger installation. The TF10 product allows the concerned performance user, to handle the increased fuel demands of the engine, retard its ignition, and control (if needed) the turbo boost. All this can be done in a simple or complex way, depending on the wiring and the setup.


The TF10 product requires an external manifold pressure sensor (which spans across the increased pressure), and it can connect to any device, which has a 0-5 Volt output. An AMP (Absolute Manifold Pressure) sensor can be purchased from a suitable supplier. Extra injectors (of any kind) also need to be installed to supply the increase requirement in fuel.


For tuning the TF10 product requires a Laptop Computer or PC with a USB port, and the supplied LetRipp Windows Tuning Software. Please refer to the LetRipp Windows Tuning Software Guide for guidelines on how to operate the software.