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Support for your TF10 Unit.


The installation of the TF10 is slightly complicated. It is strongly recommended to do the wiring in the sequence that we suggest. It is assumed that the extra injector(s) has/have already been installed mechanically and that a suitable AMP sensor is on hand and installed.


  1. The TF10 unit should be installed in a dry, cool, or well-ventilated place. Inside the cabin, or anywhere where the temperature NEVER reaches more than 60°C.
  2. Connect the GND (Pin 5 of the 10 pin connector) to the chassis. This is the GROUND connection. The point of contact should be a clean metal surface.
  3. Connect the +S (Supply wire, Pin 6 of the 10 pin connector) to +12 Volts switch power. To do this, find a suitable fuse (<10A) in the fuse box. Check with a voltmeter that it has 12 Volts with the ignition key on and switches OFF when the Ignition Key is removed. Connect the +S wire to the fuse side, which has no voltage when the fuse is removed with the key ON.
  4. Re-Insert the fuse.
  5. Turn the key ON. Observe that the TF10 unit's LED comes ON.
  6. The basic installation of power and ground is now complete.


TF10 - Power and Ground Wiring