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Support for your FT20 Unit.


The purpose of aim of the Fuel Tuner is to provide a fuel-controlling unit with a  "Plug-and-Play" facility. The Fuel Tuner is slightly more expensive than traditional piggy-back products, but it requires no engineering, no cutting of wires and installs in minutes. In other words, it is GUARANTEED to work!


The Fuel Tuner applies to the environmentally conscious installer, who would like to reduce fuel consumption or maximize the best possible fuel consumption in various situations. The Fuel Tuner also applies to aftermarket turbo and supercharger installations, which require more fuel under full boost.


In any event, the Fuel Tuner simply connects to the fuel-injected petrol engine's injector connectors, and this completes the minimum or basic installation for modifying fuel.


The Fuel Tuner can also be used for EXTENDING the RPM limit of an engine imposed by the stock ECU. The unit learns what the ECU is doing just before the injection is cut and then carries on with providing the fuel. In the same token, the Fuel Tuner can impose an RPM limit which is lower than the stock ECU. All these fancy applications can be achieved by connecting and tee-ing in some more wires (Full Installation) for the purpose of monitoring the engine.


All Fuel Tuner products can be tuned with the LetRipp Windows Tuning Software.