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The LetRipp II Software User Guide has been designed to compliment any Perfect Power product that uses LetRipp II Technology.  The LetRipp II Software is a universal tuning software for all Perfect Power LetRipp II products.  If the Perfect Power product is marked with the LetRipp II logo, then the LetRipp II Software will communicate with that product.


You must use the LetRipp II Software User Guide in conjunction with running the software.  Using this guide in isolation to the LetRipp II Software will not enable you to fully understand the software’s capabilities and features.


LetRipp II is Perfect Power’s next generation of tuning software that allows the User more freedom and control, combined with higher resolution and speed. The LetRipp II Software was designed to provide the User with all the possible information at his/her fingertips, yet allow the User to easily hide, move or switch off various display options while tuning.


LetRipp II products with USB communication connect to a PC/Laptop via a standard USB cable, and the units receive power from the PC in the absence of a vehicle’s power.  LetRipp II products which are specifically made for RS232 interface, do not have the same “PC POWER” feature as with products with USB communication.  If your product has a USB port, then we recommend familiarizing yourself with it on the bench first.


The LetRipp II Software User Guide will cover all the aspects of the LetRipp II Software and assist you with each feature and screen.  The actual operation of the product and physical installation of the product will not be covered in this Guide.  Please refer to the relevant product’s Technical Guide for details on the physical installation and unit operation.


The LetRipp II Software User Guide will also cover all the aspects with installing the LetRipp II Software, DotNet Framework and USB Drivers.