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LetRipp II units with USB communication will have a square silver USB port on the unit and will come packaged with a USB cable. The USB unit will receive power from the PC/Laptop USB port, which will allow you to tune and play with the maps on your desk (i.e. away from the vehicle).  The USB power will only provide power to the processor and not to the entire unit. The unit should still be wired in, according to the wiring-in instructions, to a good plus and minus (switched) 12 Volt supply for the entire unit to work correctly.

LetRipp II Windows Tuning Software - USB Port





In contrast to USB Communication above, the RS232 communication port will not provide power to the unit. To tune the unit on the bench, an external 12 Volt power source must be used.  The LetRipp II unit with RS232 communication will be slightly slower on start up as this form of communication speed is much slower than USB communication.


NOTE: It is very important to wire up the unit correctly into the vehicle, especially the grounds of the unit, as it could damage the RS232 port on both the unit and the PC.


WARNING: Never unplug the unit and its harness or RS232 communication cable without first switching off the power to the unit!

LetRipp II Windows Tuning Software - RS232 Communication




The WIRELESS option requires a USB/WIRELESS adapter (Part number: WireX).
For this unit the USB Software driver must be installed (see above). The connection to the WireX POD is via a standard USB cable.


The WireX POD is used for ALL wireless communications. Only one per workshop is needed.

For the technical minded:
Communication is on the 2.4GHz band, on one of 16 frequencies, with up to 8 units being active, with manual channel hopping.

Apart from the communications interface, all features of the target unit are supported.

LetRipp II Windows Tuning Software - Wireless Communication




When external power is supplied or a USB cable is plugged into the PC, either the RED or GREEN LED lights should light up, signaling that the unit is operational.


Depending on the LetRipp II product that you have, the RED LED signals a fault condition (but this also means that you have correct communication) and the GREEN LED signals a correct connection.  If you look closely while you insert the USB power, you will notice a short “blip” on the RED LED followed by a consistent fault condition.  The short blip indicates a successful start of the LetRipp II unit and then it finds the fault e.g. NO INJECTION, NO RPM, etc.


Should both LED lights be OFF, then there is a problem with the wiring of the power to the unit or a problem with the USB driver installation. The LED light(s) must come on!