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LetRipp II Windows Tuning Software - LetRipp Desktop Icon

There are two ways to start the tuning software – either via using the shortcut icon on your desktop, or selecting the software from the Program Files list in Windows.


Once the software has been installed, a shortcut icon is placed on your desktop (see an example of the icon to the left) and a shortcut folder is placed under the Program files list in your Windows operating system.


Double click on the icon or select “Start / All Programs / Perfect Power – LetRipp II / LetRipp II Tuning Tool”, in order to start the LetRipp II Software tuning program.


When the program starts to load, a “splash” screen (shown above) is displayed while the tuning screen is loaded in the background.  When the splash screen is present, the tuning program will not operate or function. The splash screen will automatically disappear after 3 – 4 seconds or alternatively the “Continue >>>” button can be clicked which will immediately close the splash screen, and take you straight into the software. The purpose of the splash screen is to provide the main program some time to load the data from the unit and to sort out the display of the data.

LetRipp II Windows Tuning Software - Startup Screen


LetRipp II Windows Tuning Software - Check for Correct Communication

Once the splash screen disappears, the main tuning screen will be displayed, as shown in the above example. This indicates good communication. This particular screen example is from the Fuel Tuner product. Please note that the layout of the screen will differ from User to User, as each part of the screen can be modified to the User’s requirements. If there is incorrect communication or no connection, the main screen will not load any details and the indicators will appear, such as: No USB Comm’s – in the top right hand corner Map? – no map loaded (this comes from the unit) “USB Comm’s Offline” and “Attempting a Connection” in the bottom right hand corner. No orange bar in the bottom right hand corner.


Although this main screen could differ slightly due to the product that the software is connected to, the Name of the connected Unit will always appear in the top right hand corner if a successful communication or connection has been established.

LetRipp II Windows Tuning Software - Check for Correct Communication




If you have the scenario above, which indicates incorrect communication, follow the steps below to establish correct communication with your unit.

In the LetRipp II Software, click on “Tools”, then “Communication Setup”, as shown below.  This will open the “Communication Setup” screen.

LetRipp II Windows Tuning Software - Establishing Communication

On the Communication Setup screen (as shown below), you will be able to set the communication type (USB, RS232 or wireless) and the ports to be used. The changes that you select will be immediate.  However it is suggested to restart the software package after any communication changes have been made.

LetRipp II Windows Tuning Software - Communication Setup




The WireX POD has two LED’s on the side to indicate transmission and reception. The one close to the USB connector indicates transmission (TX), the other reception (RX). The TX LED should blink once the PC software is configured fir WIRELESS. If the TX LED blinks it means that one, or more, units are within reach of the POD. At this time the units NUMBERPLATE INFORMATION should be displayed. Select one and click connect

LetRipp II Windows Tuning Software - Wireless Communication

Once the connection is established all data are uploaded and the target unit can be accessed as normal.


HINT: The data display has as the last item the RX SIGNAL STRENGTH. Check it to establish the quality of the communication:


Below 20 : Poor, slow, repeats often
20-150 : Normal working, fast
150-255 : You are very close, fast


If the signal strength is below 20 then you may want to RELOCATE the POD.


In some environments you may experience problems communicating to the WirX product, if you do experience such problems you can try the following options:

  • Open the Tools “Communication Setup” Select Wireless radio button. If the unit you want to connect to appears in the “Wireless Network Selection” click the unit and then click “connect to selected”.
  • If “no product” is displayed, click the “Re-acquire network” button then follow step 1.
  • If “no product” is still displayed then click the “Reset WireX device” button, wait 5 seconds and then follow step 2.
  • If “no product” is still displayed then click the “Channel Hop” button and repeat steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 until you get stable communication.


LetRipp II Windows Tuning Software - Wireless Communication

In some circumstances the LetRipp II software must be closed, the WireX Pod disconnected from the USB cable. Restart the LetRipp II software, open the communications setup and then plug the WireX Pod into the USB cable.