Perfect Power Online Manuals.


Support for your Perfect Power Unit.


As soon as a unit is connected to the software, the software will attempt to go online and establish a communication link.  The only way to have the software in a true “Offline” mode is to have the unit unplugged and then start up the software.


There is another mode or state of communication and this is when the unit has been online and for some reason the communication cable has been unplugged or the power to the unit was interrupted.  This mode is “Offline” but not in the true sense of the word. In this state the configuration of the unit has already been loaded and the software is waiting for the same unit to reconnect.  This communication state is usually brief and not permanent.


Certain functions work either in Online mode or in Offline mode, while some functions work in both modes.


The Offline mode is typically used to do tuning or final adjustments to the tune maps from the bench and then the saved map can be transferred to the unit at a later stage.


The Online mode is used to have real time, continuous communication to the connected unit. The software will make sure at any moment in time that what you see is what the unit is running on. The values that you type in are immediately downloaded, saved in the unit and used within half a second.


For this reason, we have split the Online and Offline Modes into separate sections.