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Most units are now equipped with a method of updating the program in the field. This method is called RE-FLASH. To check if your unit has the re-flash option click TOOLS and check for the re-flash option. In order to re-flash a unit you need a copy of the latest PROGRAM. This is the embedded program code. In time to come the updates will be on the website, and they will be free of charge. The Program code consists of an endless amount of numbers, and the code is protected.





  • Firstly check that your unit can be re-flashed
  • Get the code. Check that it is a higher version and has the features you always wanted. The code is available from DDS Direct and it is free!
  • Remove the unit from the car, and supply power to it. If it is a USB unit then the USB cable will supply power.
  • Confirm that the unit operates: The green light is flashing.
  • Fire up the PC and confirm that the unit talks to the PC
  • Save any maps you may want to keep.
  • Browse to find the code file. Then LOAD it.
  • Execute the re-flash from the opening menu. During the re-flash process the green
  • LED will flash sporadically.
  • Wait 30 to 120 seconds until it is done.
  • The green LED on the unit will operate normally now.


NOTE: Unfortunately, older units cannot be re-flashed because of memory restrictions!