Perfect Power Online Manuals.


Support for your Perfect Power Unit.


F1 to F12 Open the Main Maps

Shift + F1 to Shift + F12

Open the Config Screens
Shift + F1 Parameter Screen
Shift + F2 System Definition Screen
Shift + F3 Status Display Screen
Alt + D Data Display settings
Ctrl + S Fast Save the map and all other settings to file
Ctrl + U Upload the data from the unit
Ctrl + D Download the data to the unit
Ctrl + Q Quit or Exit out of the application
Ctrl + R Set Row on the main maps
Ctrl + C Set Column on the main maps and the side maps
Ctrl + B Set block on the main maps
G Apply the Blend function to the selection on the main map
C Apply a specific amount to a selected area of the main map
M Apply MORE to the present engine cursor
L Apply LESS to the present engine cursor
Z Apply MORE to the presently selected edit field on the main map
X Apply LESS to the presently selected edit field on the main map
Arrow Keys Use the arrow keys to move around on the selected map
Enter Key Use the ENTER key to complete the entry of the value. If the arrow keys do not work, then you are presently editing a value and need to complete the edit by pressing the ENTER key