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You have two options to LOAD a Tune Map – using the Menu bar or the Icon Task bar.

LetRipp II Windows Tuning Software - Loading A Map File

Using the Menu Bar, click on “File”, and then select “Load File”. The “Open File” screen will open, as shown to the left.

LetRipp II Windows Tuning Software - Open A Map File

The default “Operating Directory” is “C:\Tune_MapFiles”.  This directory has been created on your hard drive for the purpose of storing Map Files.  Should you wish to locate a file in a different directory to the default “Operating Directory”, click the “Browse” button and select a new directory on your computer.  Once a directory has been chosen, it will be stored for future use.


The program will only display Map Files that are suitable for your unit. In this example, these are the compatible Map Files for the SMT8 product only. To LOAD a Map File, simply select the desired file from the list, and then click on the “Load” button. The program will automatically replace all screen contents with the information from the file and also save the map data to the unit. The loading of a file can be done while the vehicle is running on the unit. Depending on the size of the data being downloaded, allow approximately 3 seconds for the unit to respond to the new data.


Note: On the “Open File” Screen, the DELETE button will delete the selected Map File from the hard drive of the computer.  When the “Delete” function is selected, the software will prompt the User to confirm the task (deletion).


WARNING: Once the file has been deleted, it cannot be recovered by the Windows Operating System and will be gone forever. A deleted Map File cannot be restored in any way, so exercise caution when Deleting Map Files.