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SMT8_4 Technical Manual - Acceleration Compensation


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If the engine power was increased by means of a supercharger, then the added fuel must be acceleration enriched. That is to say that the normal stock ECU enrichment is not sufficient and it must be supplemented.

This can be done by entering values in the acceleration map: 100 counts=1ms of added fuel.

The acceleration process is triggered by the parameter: Acceleration detection and terminated (faded out) by the acceleration depletion parameter.

The computed fuel amount is ADDED to the already mapped fuel injection length.

Acceleration enrichment process:

The unit monitors the AMP (pin 3-16) continuously every 25 milliseconds (40 times per second). If the value changes by more than the threshold detection parameter, then the present acceleration map value is added to the fuel injection length. This fuel amount can be observed on the display.

The added fuel is depleted by the acceleration depletion parameter to zero. Should a deceleration be detected, then the added enrichment is set to zero immediately.


Setup: Parameter Detection point in BAR
  Parameter Depletion
  MAP Added injection length in milliseconds