Perfect Power Ethanol Fuel Controller.


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The E4E_Z will be packaged as follows.




E4E_Z Kit


  • 1 x E4E_Z Unit
  • 1 x E4E_Z Harness






Optional Extras

E4E-Z Ethanol Fuel Controller
E4E-Z Fuel Controller Temperature Harness E4E-Z AFR Harness E4E-Z Fuel Controller Switch Harness
E4E-Z Fuel Controller Communication Harness E4E-Z Fuel Controller Display Harness  

Injector Clips

We supply the following connectors/injector clips with our injection harnesses:

Bosch EV1 MFP Injector Clips Bosch EV2 MFP Injector Clips Bosch EV6 MFP Injector Clips
Delphi MFP Injector Clips Honda 2 MFp Injector Clips Toyota 1 MFP Injector Clips
Toyota 2 MFP Injector Clips