Perfect Power Online Manuals.


Support for your FT20 Unit.


// Introduction


// The Aim of the Fuel Tuner


// Fuel Tuner Versions


// Installation

/ Minimum Installation

/ Finding the Injector Wiring Polarity

/ Adapting the Plug-and-Play Injector Harness


// Full Installation

/ FT20 Connections

/ FT60 Connections

/ Connector Pin Assignment

/ Powering the Fuel Tuner without the engine running

/ Recommended Optional Wiring

/ Calibration


// Tuning

/ Fuel Map Entries and their effect

/ AFR, Power and Fuel Economy

/ Tuning without AFR

/ On the road tuning for fuel economy

/ Providing Two Maps for different purposes

/ Extending the RPM Limit


// Batch Injection


// Error Indications