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Support for your E4E-Z Unit.


The wide band probe must be LSU-4 sensor from BOSCH. Other wide band sensors may work as well, but we can’t guarantee it. The LSU-4 sensor, starting part number with 0 258 007… use 5 wires from the exhaust probe to the connector and 6 wires from the connector to the ECU. The connectors to the probe come in different shapes and numbering, but the connection are easy.


The probe side of the LSU-4 connector has a calibration resistor (30-300Ohm) built in on two adjacent pins, one of which has no wire, the other probe wire is red. The corresponding wires on the ECU side of the connector we need to connect to. Of course they have different colors to the probe side.


Do not connect anything to the probe side! But locate the corresponding ECU wires and connect:


NAFRIN to corresponding RED wire (2.0 volts to 2.2 volts at idle)
WAFRIN to wire connected to the calibration resistor (2.0 volts to 2.2 volts at idle)


Note: The E4E_Z Wide Band Circuit will not work on vehicles with the 4 Wire Wide band systems.


E4E-Z Ethanol Controller - Wide Band Exhaust Probe Wiring