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Support for your E4E-Z Unit.


The E4E_Z has the following possible indications:





This LED indicates the working of the Temperature sensor, the LOAD input, and the AFR with the following blink pattern.


1 blink, followed by a gap: Temperature sensor faulty
2 blinks, followed by a gap: Load sensor faulty
3 blinks, followed by a gap: Both AFR inputs faulty


Note: The unit evaluates the NAFR input first, and if it is faulty it evaluates the WAFR input!





At power up without the engine running it will flash rapidly. Once the engine runs it will flash every second the amount of cylinder (injectors) it sees. For 4 cylinders you expect 4 short blips repeating every second.





The external display interface has 8 outputs multiplexed on to one pin. The  information is suitable to the DDS display. Each display can display one item only. The display can be set to display any of the 8 transmitted items.

For installation purpose only we suggest 8 displays showing ALL variables, so that the installer can confirm the correct workings of the unit without a PC connection. The end user may want to see ONE variable (Ethanol addition) to confirm proper operation while driving.





The E4E_Z has a RS232 PC interface which operates with the LETRIPP II PC software. With the PC you can display all variables, all engine-measuring points, log the operation and check the functionality graphically. Refer to the LetRipp II Software User Guide. The PC operation is not recommended to be performed by the driver!

E4E-Z Ethanol Controller - Communication Setup

Open the LETRIPP package, select tools, communication setup and choose RS232@115K. Then connect the RS232 harness. Once the unit has power the LETRIPP package will show the unit identification in upper right hand corner.




E4E-Z Ethanol Controller - ShiftF1 - Parameters

E85 Addition:
This entry is the percentage that the unit can be manually set to,from 0% to a max of 35% (if the switch harness is not available). It also indicates what the unit is currently adding.

Enter positive or negative number to calibrate the unit value to correspond to the vehicles Wide Band reading.

Adj.Above AFR:
The unit will only start modifying (increasing) the E85 Addition above this value.

Adj.Below AFR:
The unit will only start modifying (decreasing) the E85 Addition below this value.

Adj.Below% Load:
When this value is exceeded the unit will stop the E85 Addition auto adjustment and will use the “learned” “E85 Addition” value

Default E85 Add%:
The addition that the unit will default to if there is a problem with the Load or lambda input.

ColdStart %:
A Zero will disable the cold start. The entry is from 0 to 150 which will decrease back to zero as the car has started.

NOTE: Ethanol adjustment will only start when the RPM is above 1500 and below 3500, below the load % and between the AFR high and low values.