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E4E-Z Installation Guide - Ethanol Tank Mix


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Theoretical Ethanol E85 has 33% less energy and requires 33% more fuel. But this hardly ever applies, because the stock ECU has a fuel adjustment loop and other items come to play. Practical we have experienced a 20% to 26% addition on E85. Then there is the tank mix issue. 50% E0 mixed with 50% E85 results in an E42.5 tank mix. This should result in a (theoretical) fuel addition of 16.5%.

In practice you don’t need to worry about putting too much fuel in. The engine power increases, and you take your foot of the gas. However, putting too little fuel in requires some considerations! It is fine when you are cruising but becomes dangerous when you are using full power.

NOTE: At full power use the correct fuel mixture applicable to your tank mix, or a little too much fuel.

Of course, in the automatic mode you don’t need to think about it.

But – here comes the bad news: If for any reason the engine feels ‘sluggish’ at full load, back off and consult your service center. May be one of the wires is broken, or one of the sensors has packed up, and the unit has reverted to a 20% automatic default fuel addition. There is the option for the experienced installer to raise the default to 25% or 30%.

Adjusting the fuel addition is not a science project. All you need are two switches (up/down) and the ECU will do the rest. Your engine (ECU) will adjust the fuel amount to the exact required level. If you are towing or racing (Speeds above 120Km/H) then don’t read the following.

While driving (light load, cruising) with E85 you can adjust the mixture down until the car ‘struggles’ and then adjust up a little. This saves you up to 20% fuel.

Note: You are exploiting the other property of Ethanol: Its very high Octane rating. The engine will run a little warmer, which easily absorbed by your radiator at light loads.

After a while you will know how your engine reacts to different settings and you will find a mixture, which serves you well until you fill up, and have an ‘unspecified’ mixture in the tank.