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OEM Products


Perfect Power OEM Products.



Digital Data System presents to you a way to have your own fuel injection or engine management systems without the growing pains of designing, developing and prototyping it yourself. By using our many years of experience in the electronic automotive industry, we are able to bring expertise, past product knowledge, cutting edge technology and German precision to the table. We have various options, depending on your in house capability, that will save you time and money in the long term. Digital Data Systems can produce your products that are based on our existing products or a combination of products or a total new concept extremely quickly and therefore reduce your time to market. Digital Data Systems is proposing to become your electronic automotive development partner for the future. We have many OEM clients around the world, like yourselves, who find our advice and experience invaluable.




Perfect Power OEM Original Equipment Manufacture Products

DDS OEM Concept

Welcome to the new and improved Digital Data Systems OEM concept. We have developed an Engine Management platform, which can be easily changed to suit your needs, for the OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacture), such as yourself.


We refer to OEM companies as those who manufacture or supply kits to the automotive industry with an existing infrastructure to market/sell these kits. Our OEM package will provide these companies with their "Own Engine Management" unit.


With our concept we offer :

  • The first single product prototyped within 6-8 weeks, working, tested, including software.
  • The latest high speed digital technology.
  • Your own product with all the features that you need
  • A very cost effective solution to any standard unit.
  • More electronic automotive features than you ever dreamed about.
  • Less features if the costing is tight
  • Quality manufactured within 4-6 weeks from prototype approval.
  • The solution to your ideas, timely executed.
  • The edge over your competitors.
  • Branding of your product and software
  • Lock out your customers and competitors from seeing your tuning
  • A very "fast to market" path, guaranteed.
  • Technical and development support through the prototyping and development stage.


If this intrigues you, then read on and find out how.



OEM Project Timing


It takes 6-8 weeks from establishing the specification to delivery of the first functional prototypes, and 4-6 weeks after prototype approval to quantity delivery. The times mentioned are an average. Sometimes the prototype functionality can be achieved with existing hardware in one week.





This is one of the OEM requirements : The final product must have your "looks" and labeling. This may delay the product by a week, and add to the cost. We are flexible to your requirements and are able to just supply the product without any housing.



Other Items Needed


  • Quality Installation Tools (Software Assisted)
  • Limited Tuning Software for the service centres
  • Improved service reporting



Initial & Repeated Cost


The initial development is between US$3000.00 and US$5000.00, which includes 2 fully functional PCB's with or without housing (depending on the specifications); It also includes the Standard LetRipp II Software. The production of further units (minimum 25-28 per order) would cost between $150.00 to $200.00 per unit, this is of course just an approximate cost and may be more or less depending on the final specifications of the unit. Of course a firm quote will be provided once the specifications are finalized and before commencing the development. The price is also dependent on volumes, the more units ordered the more  cost effective the units become.





What do you need? We can furnish you with everything we have, or produce special documentation for you. Documentation includes circuit diagrams, performance test results, parts listings, manuals, etc. Of course, some of the documentation is only available with a technology license.





We can only guarantee the performance of our product according to the specifications provided. Should a unit fail, it needs to be sent back to us where it will undergo a series of tests to determine what failed and how it failed in the first place. We strive to keep our products reliable and our OEM clients happy. A failed unit is replaced at the time of the next order.





If this is a requirement then purchase a "Technology Transfer". We have done this before, and have happy customers to prove it. You must have a good reason to do this and it must be feasible.


Package Options

In essence, you are buying many years of experience and testing in the field of automotive electronics. We have bundled all this experience and know-how into various packages, as detailed below.



Stock Standard Products - Not suited for OEM's


Buy the standard stock products. The branding and labeling of the product and the software is Perfect Power. The products are accessible with the public software, and other people with the  same public software can see your tuning effort. The standard products have a certain attraction for low volume, project start up and in general if you don't know your requirements. However, you may not get the features you like, and get features (and pay for them), which you don't need.

We often recommend that a potential OEM purchase standard products to get the required solution. This normally serves as a proof concept.



Branded Stock Standard


LetRipp II Branded Dealer Software.

You are getting the standard product with all its features, but the firmware and software is branded for you. Only your PC software, for which you pay a once off fee, can access the unit. The once off fee for the Branded LetRipp II Dealer software is approximately US$730.00. No hardware changes are allowed. You can put your own label on the unit, but the unit has the same physical features as the standard product. This is very popular, cost effective, and fast.



Full OEM


The hardware is changed to contain the features you like, and the unit is specially made for you. The turn around time from order to prototype delivery is 6-8 weeks. Production units are available 4-6 weeks from prototype approval. An initial development fee is charged. As an OEM you need to buy a minimum quantity per order, minimum order quantity is 25. This is normally a problem with first time buyers, and we recommend buying a standard product first to try out the features (Package A). Once you know what you want, and have tried it, then it is the ideal time to talk about the Full OEM solution.


The cost of an OEM project (and the minimum quantity) varies with the special development we have to do for you. But, and we say this from experience, it is less costly than you think, and you may get a pleasant surprise. The product may even be less costly because the unit was stripped of all the unwanted features. The option also exists where the unit is shipped without housing.


If you are going to ship units to your customers with PC software, then you can restrict their access with the BLACK/GREY/WHITE feature, which can make any item either Black (visible, accessible) or Grey (visible, in-accessible) or White (invisible) (LetRipp II Branded Dealer Software).


The once off fee for the LetRipp II Branded Dealer software is approximately US$730.00.



Technology Transfer


In order to be fully "independent" from us you need to purchase a "Technology Transfer" package. We will sell you everything : the source codes, artworks, and the lot. This only makes sense if you have "in-house" capabilities, which enable you to take the project further.  This enables you to get faster to the market and relieves the stress on your development resources. You get something, which works, and works now. The details of a Technology Transfer depends on the amount of training you will need and what you will need. The sky is the limit.



We have been selling OEM solutions for more than six years with many happy customers. All our existing OEM customers now use us to do their development for them as we have extensive automotive experience and an extremely short turn-around time. This service enables our customers to focus on what they are best at and leave the electronic development and design to us. We have become a valuable partner for them.


With DDS providing you with an Engine Management solution you are able to address niche markets that were previously not accessible. This in turn increases your product offering, market  penetration and turnover. Your company will also benefit with the time to market as it is very short and predefined.


The low cost of the DDS OEM solution is also an advantage over your competitors. You are able to offer a more affordable solution to your customer and still make more profit than your competitor.

If interested please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.