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Blue-Fire Dual Channel


Dual Channel Ignition Amplifier.


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Introducing the Blue-Fire


The Blue-Fire Dual Channel Ignition Amplifier from Perfect Power is a powerful, microprocessor controlled ignition amplifier with an updated exterior.


The continuous current rating is an amazing 30 amps per channel at 25 degrees Celsius. The Blue-Fire Dual Channel Ignition Amplifier is specifically designed to cater for the extreme demands by high current coils in performance applications.


For the ultimate protection, the Blue-Fire comes totally encapsulated, preventing ingress of water spray, oil and the like.


The Blue-Fire's improved housing includes 6 pre-cut grooves for ease of mounting. Its lightweight aluminium body serves as a heat sink to dissipate heat losses during peak demands.


Perfect Power Blue-Fire Dual Channel Ignition Amplifier

The power connections consist of solid, plated brass terminals, using lugs with 4mm screws to achieve quality contacts. The supplied crimp lugs make termination an easy task. The Blue-Fire is designed to be installed in the engine bay, keeping power cable length to a minimum.