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Perfect Power Piggy-Back Unit.


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Introducing the SMT8-L



The SMT8-L piggy-back system also follows in the footsteps of the SMT6 and SMT7 products, just like its big brother the SMT8, but with unparalleled performance and a quantum leap in technical innovation. This is all possible with the latest 16 bit DSP processors. The SMT8-L is the first piggy-back that offers you the capability to do DUAL AFR tuning, as well as ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) Tuning.



The SMT8-L has two complete maps. Which means you can switch between two different maps while driving. It is possible to have one map for economy, the other for performance. Or use the maps for different weather conditions. The Maps can be switched from the hardware input. The parameters and calibration are not switched. The maps can be locked into a fixed position from the PC for tuning and downloading.





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The SMT8-L can drive one extra injector (13 ohm) for supplementing fuel at high boost. The extra injector can be controlled via Throttle/RPM, AMP, Engine and Air Temperature maps. This allows for precise fuel delivery at boost conditions. This feature is very popular with turbo and supercharger installations.


The SMT8-L is the first Perfect Power product to allow ETC modifications. The ETC flap control can be modified (re-mapped) with the SMT8-L. It takes some skill to negate the effect of the ECU traction or launch control, but if you want to spin tires then this is the way to go!


The SMT8-L product is currently available in two kits : the SMT8-L User Kit and the SMT8-L Kit.