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Last Updated: 2011/09/16
The SMT6 wiring diagrams are grouped by vehicle manufacture, as seen in the list below. These wiring diagrams are the electrical connections between the SMT6 piggy back unit and your existing ECU in your car. To gain control of your Engine Control Unit (ECU), particular input and output signals need to be tweeked so as to fool your HYUNDAI ECU into thinking otherwise and making changes accordingly. The SMT6 piggy back unit will be working in harmony with your HYUNDAI ECU to provide the ultimate harmonious performance and fuel consumption from your engine. When your engine is out of harmony, then you will get a lose of power and increased fuel consumption.

Select you vehicle model from the list below. Have your engine model details handy for reference purposes on the next screen. The wiring diagrams have been created for DIY and dealer alike, easy to follow, quick to understand and to the point.
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Please visit this section regularly as the present information is continuously being updated and new wiring diagrams added.

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If your required wiring diagram is not present, please do not hesitate to enquire at [email protected] for assistance or refer to the Technical manual. On request, we will create a wiring diagram for your vehicle as it is impossible to create a diagram for each and every model world wide. Please Note: All wiring diagrams have been created and are the property of Digital Data Systems Pty LTD, the holding company for Perfect Power.
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